By Angela Nicole Brentano


A man, whom I greatly appreciate, once said that the answer to the world's tough problems is not solar panels and other technology. It is compassion.

I heartily agree that this skill is a magnificent facilitator, and start, to aid in any problem. Compassion, as an act of love, unites beings. We, then, have the potential to form a team. If everybody chooses compassion for all, everyone will be included on this team. This extinguishes isolation, compartmentalization, and disjointed work on a problem.

So solar panels might still be used; but their partner, compassion, would have to be there also.

I've been thinking about this act of love, compassion, recently. It would be wonderful if, sometimes (instead of focusing almost exclusively on my own emotions and thoughts or allowing disrespectful thoughts), I would imagine a situation from another's perspective to facilitate compassion. I do, do this; but in my fantasy, I would do this (and only this) every time!

I'm not there yet. However, this seed of passion is in me. This ability, of humans, to love is my definition of success. So how successful will I be in this lifetime (I ask myself)?

I like to think that the answer to questions of wellbeing is that I (and people) can become as compassionately successful as we have the plan and will to be.