By Angela Nicole Brentano


Did you ever wonder if there were less competitive (and more cooperative) activities emphasized, would we have happier lives?

In school, I remember spelling bees and competitive sports in physical education classes. At home, there were competitive board games. As adults, many have participated in "competition for a job," with the plan of being selected for some exclusive opportunity.

I wonder if people were more practiced in acting as teammates, verses competitors, would we have more of what we want in life? Logically, we would have more ideas with which to work. A team of people, that includes the whole world, is larger than a fractional team with separated endeavors. Additionally, a whole world team means that everyone is included!

I certainly notice that cooperation (i.e., assisting others) feels better to me than competition. I also notice that my thoughts, herein, have been built upon the ideas of others. So this article, itself, is a cooperative result.