The Integrated Whole of Our Reality

By Robert Thomas Drury


We notice that most people don't even try to understand the integrated whole of our reality, because even tiny fragments of it already look impossibly complex, for example, figuring out email/instant message/SMS text protocols, what each provides, and which to depend on, if any, for messaging through digital devices. But it turns out that, when we decide to investigate the feasibility of our individually understanding the integrated whole of our reality, and with confidence that we can, we find it feasible, indeed.

We know that the three messaging protocols mentioned include only subsets of each others' features, meaning we must give up features when switching from one to another, and/or endure extra burdens of managing multiple apps on our digital devices. We also note additional burdens presented by the system that has provided us messaging and wonder if the whole of its strategy designs can be replaced with something wholly free from extra burdens.

When we seek to understand the intergrated whole of our reality we come to know that there are no technical limitations to combining those three messaging protocols into one that contains the sum total of all of their features. And when we conceptualize this possibility, we readily induce that we can further combine with those features additional support for all media in a single protocol, including audio & video clips & streams, images, text, and data.

Our messaging app makes features more accessible the more we use them, while we know that lesser-used features are out of the way but readily available when needed. For example, a text message come in showing us what's available in it, that is, who it's from, its time of arrival, and its text message. If it happens to include an attached image, it shows us an icon for accessing that, but it shows us nothing else, because there's nothing else for it to show us, except perhaps an action button or two for us to file it away or reply to it.

We believe that we cannot individually pursue such an integrated approach to messaging protocols only because we have never decided that we may be able to, and hence without believing we can, we have never tried to pursue it. Never mind the obstacle that our system has taught us that it should be out of our hands and instead remain in the hands of system "specialists", "experts", "professionals", "leaders", "authorities". Of course this possibility of an integrated approach applies beyond messaging protocols to anything and everything, while the messaging protocol merely serves as an example for illustration.

We really can individually apply the concept of the integrated whole to everything, to individually conceive an integrated whole reality model of understanding, out of which we can individually design/implement/apply an integrated whole set of strategies to meet the integrated whole of our human needs, and I personally ask us all - what are we waiting for?