Harmonizing With Covid-19

By Robert Thomas Drury


My current thoughts on Covid-19 are that the virus is real but not the cause of premature deaths attributed to it. Rather it triggers underlying causes which humanity wants exposed.

These underlying causes are physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses which include ignorance driving misguided beliefs. These in turn misguide our thoughts, choices and actions, which in turn multiply these illnesses of body, mind and soul, including inability to harmonize with nature, and myriad symptoms, including premature death.

I request that we together pursue the natural worldview/strategy that answers all questions and solves all problems, so we can recognize the real number of deaths from Covid-19 is far smaller than cited by authorities. The real number is natural in the sense that death is a natural stage of life that we all meet, as an organism's physical capacities naturally decline.

Such pathogens as Covid-19 are natural outcomes of nature's order-building process that necessarily involves vast numbers and types of random mutation experiments. Humanity is learning to constructively participate in nature's order-building process, to cooperate with nature, and to harmonize with nature, which means allowing ourselves to live natural lives, and die natural deaths.

Accepting our deaths is a requirement in our respect for nature, for the intrinsic worth and free will of all life. We notice that any other worldview regarding nature and Covid-19 introduces thoughts that trigger pain, conditioned tendencies to suffer, and flight/fight responses.

These are, in fact, the pain and conditioned tendencies upon which misguided worldviews/strategies, cultures/traditions, institutions/infrastructures, and systems/societies are built. These in turn set up huge potential for the above-mentioned problems which cascade slowly, if not rapidly in response to triggers such as Covid-19, and feed back upon themselves, further driving misguided worldviews/strategies, and harmful outcomes.

Misguided worldviews/strategies and harmful outcomes decline as humanity learns to cooperate with nature, in natural ways, to realize our full potential.