Some setup info to get your computer to play mp3 format files:

Mp3 format is a compressed version of the format on music CDs.  The compression allows it to download faster.   To play these your computer needs an audio hardware subsystem, an mp3 player program, and your web browser configured correctly.  Newer computers come already setup.  If nothing happens when you select the song titles you need some setup.  The simplest way is to download the latest version of mp3 player and the installation should setup your browser for you.  Here are two good players for Windows: WinAmp,DeliPlayer. If you have any trouble with your player, try one of these.  Mac comes with iTunes and/or Quicktime which are both excellent.  For linux/unix, xmms and mpg123 are great.  Here's a list of media players.

Mplayer users, if you're getting a dumb alert that the beginning of each song using the M23U Playlist put "prefer-ipv4 = yes" minus the quotes in your ~/.mplayer/config file.

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